Jack Benny and George McGovern at the Corn Palace Festival, 1967

It took ordering a scanner, sending it back when it wouldn’t work, begging a used scanner from the corporate office in Fargo, and cutting an ill-fitting film holder in half, but I’m finally able to scan 4×5 negatives.

Images like these make it worth the effort. This is George McGovern, a Mitchell native and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee, with legendary comedian Jack Benny backstage at the 1967 Corn Palace Festival.

I’d never seen this photo until I found it in our archives, and there’s probably a good chance that nobody, or at least very few people, have seen it at all since the day it published in The Daily Republic 46 years ago.

One thought on “Jack Benny and George McGovern at the Corn Palace Festival, 1967

  1. Enjoy these old photos. I was assistant news director and TV news announcer back near that time. I believe I still have photos I took of Ernie Ford and the Young Americans that performed at the Corn Palace. If you’d like copies of those that I have send me an e-mail. We’ll get together on it.

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