1957 Daily Republic staff

The 1957 staff of The Daily Republic.

Things have changed just a little, haven’t they?

Back in 1957, the dress code apparently included skirts for women and suits and ties for many of the men.

I still have to wear a tie, as do other male department heads, but you won’t see many suits and ties or skirts — especially ankle-length skirts — around The Daily Republic anymore.

In this photo, I’m guessing the woman on the far left is probably Florence “Floss” Ronald. Her husband’s father owned the paper for decades, and then she and her husband Malcolm owned it. After Malcolm died, she owned it herself for a time before eventually selling it in the 1960s, if I have my history correct.

I’m assuming this photo was taken at the old Daily Republic building near the Carnegie Library. That old Daily Republic building no longer exists — again, if I have my history correct — and Floss Ronald moved us to our current location in the 1960s, I think.

If anybody can identify any of the other people in this photo, or if my identification of Floss Ronald is wrong, please feel free to post a comment.

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  1. I can ID a number of those in the photo however, I’m not to sure of the spelling of some names. I’ll let you know soon. Yes that is floss who was not only the owner but also an active publisher.


    • 1957 Daily Republic photo
      The Mitchell Publishing Company, at the time of this photo, was comprised of three divisions: The Daily Republic, Modern Stationary and the bookbinding/commercial printing. Both the paper and bookbinding were located in the original building – the Modern Stationers had a stand-alone building on Main Street. The photo represents all three segments of the Company.

      Employment and positions verified with Poke’s 1957 Mitchell’s City Directory.

      Alzora Fortner – Proofreader
      Art Raymond – City editor
      Bess Michels– Sales clerk at Modern Stationary
      Bill Brady – Linotype room foreman
      Bob Andrews – Press room
      Bruce Stoner – News editor
      Butch McComish – Press room foreman
      Clyde Goin – Circulation manager
      Dean Bowling – Janitor
      Elfrieda Tice – Women’s page editor
      EZ Brady – Executive editor
      Floss Ronald – Owner/Publisher
      Fred Sturges – Press room
      Gene Voigt – Lino
      Helen Brady – Gift manager Modern Stationary
      John McCloud – Commercial printing manager
      Karl George – Lino
      Ken Jones – Linotype operator
      Ken Sullivan – Press room
      Ladd Marek – Manager Modern Stationary
      Leone Helgleleshiem – Executive secretary
      Les Goll – Press room
      Les Helgleland – Area reporter
      Les Mcarty – Add manger
      Lyle Paullin – Carrier Counselor
      Lloyd Sayles – Press room
      Lou McComish – Composition room
      Luretta Johnson – Proof reader
      Marguerite Paullin – Bookkeeper
      Maxine Richards – Proofreader
      Mike Flynn – Comp room
      Paul Jones – Adv manager
      Ray Kurtenbach – Lino
      Rosemary Church – State editor
      Thelma Nepstad – Bookkeeper
      Leighton Sattler – Not marked

      Bob Brady

  2. I can Id two of the people in the photo.
    Starting on the right side of the photo. In the 5th row back is Lyle Paulin (suit & tie). His wife Margaret is located one row in front of Lyle to the left. Margaretearing the black coat The second lady from the right side. Margaret is wearing a black coat.

  3. My dad Eugene Voigt is about five people up from the second row to the left. Had to be his first year or so there – he was a Linotype operator and worked there to he passed away in 1999.

  4. Front row first person on left is Rosemary Church and the last one in the first row is MAxine Richards.

  5. I worked with Gene Voigt for a few years when I first got to The Daily Republic in 1991. He was working nights in the composing room, and I was sports editor back then, so we saw each other quite a bit. Good guy.

  6. I recognize Les McCarty in the back row, He retired the same year I started if I remember correctly. He was a good close family friend. Also, he was an excellent sewer, I am going to assume he made the suit he is pictured in.

  7. The man in the back row wearing a plaid shirt under a sports jacket is my father, Bruce M. Stoner, news editor, then managing editor. Floss Ronald is the woman on the far left of the 3rd row. Elfrieda Tice is the 2nd person from the right in the 4th row. Ez Brady is the gray-haired man whose head is between the 3rd & 4th men in the back row (from the right).

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