A young Brock Lesnar?

Is this an image of a young Brock Lesnar wrestling in a South Dakota high school event? Leave a comment with your thoughts. (Image from The Daily Republic archives)

I found the image above while rummaging through an undated, unlabeled box of prints among our photo negative archives.

Having been a young wrestler myself when Brock Lesnar was in high school, I saw him in action on the mat many times. My first impression upon seeing this image was that it has to be Lesnar. The crew cut and the rest of his distinctive facial features are unmistakable. If it is him, the image must be from the early 1990s, when he was in high school.

But then my journalist’s skepticism crept in. Is it really Lesnar? I can’t say with 100 percent certainly. Maybe you can help.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name, Brock Lesnar grew up in Webster where he was a high school wrestler of some renown, known for his impressively muscled physique. He went on to wrestle at Bismarck State College, where he won a junior college national championship, and at the University of Minnesota, where he won a Division I national championship.

After that, he found fame in the World Wrestling Federation (since renamed to World Wrestling Entertainment) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.