3 thoughts on “Mike Miller in high school

    • Bustin’ my chops already, huh?

      I figured somebody would point that out, and I did notice it after I posted the photo. The negatives were in an envelope labeled 1997. That’s what I saw first. It wasn’t until after scanning the tiny negative image and posting it that I saw the little “98” on his shirt. In some of the other negatives, he’s posing by a sign that displays a run of MHS boys’ basketball championships ending in 1997, and in some there’s a “1998” visible on the Corn Palace (which doesn’t establish anything concrete, since they redecorate the Palace in the fall for the coming year).

      You may be right. The photo might be from 1998.

      Good eye, and I’m pleased somebody is checking out the blog!

    • I remember back bout 96 or so my daughter played in a little girls basketball tourney in Mitchell and Mike Miller was one of the refs. Was sitting beside a gentleman and he said you see that kid right there….His name is Mike Miller and you watch someday he will be playing in the NBA. Congrats Mike Miller :-)

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