The Daily Republic at Super Bowl VIII

A Daily Republic image from Super Bowl VIII.

We don’t get to many Super Bowls anymore. (That’s sarcasm, in case you didn’t pick up on it. We don’t really get to any Super Bowls, ever.)

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an envelope in our box of 1973 negatives that was labeled “1973 Super Bowl.” Holding the negatives up to the light, I could tell the images were exactly as advertised. The word “Dolphins” was plainly visible in the end zone in one negative. In another, there was an image of the scoreboard. In another was a midfield shot of the NFL logo.

Why was The Daily Republic at the 1973 Super Bowl? Well, 1973 falls within the heyday of newspapering, so there was probably a lot more money available for trips. Also, the Vikings were playing in the game, and lots of Mitchell-area readers were therefore very interested. And it was in Houston, Texas, which is probably about as close as the Super Bowl gets to Mitchell.

Mostly, though, I’m guessing somebody at The Daily Republic took advantage of a connection to Joe Robbie, the then-owner of the Miami Dolphins, who had lived and worked as a lawyer in Mitchell during the 1940s.

As Vikings fans know all too well, the Dolphins beat the Vikes 24-7. The game was actually played in January 1974, at the end of the 1973 season.

Sadly, the envelope containing the negatives was creased, and some of the negatives were too damaged to scan. But some were salvageable.

Probably the coolest image I found, even though it’s not of great quality, is a shot of several people in what must have been the press area of the stands. In the middle of the photo is legendary broadcaster Howard Cosell.

Howard Cosell in a Daily Republic image shot at Super Bowl VIII.